Marissa Higgins
Updated September 12, 2016 2:16 pm
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If you’ve ever had a guy (or girl) buy a drink at a bar, you might have wondered: What do I do if they ever ask for their money back? That would be totally weird, right? Such is the current plight of 18-year-old Abby Fenton, a college student living in the U.K. She went out to a bar and a guy, Liam, bought her a drink for about $7. They didn’t interact again until he texted her out of the blue, asking for his money back. And yes, she has the screenshot (she tweeted this on September 8th) to prove it: false

That’s right: It appears that the two have had no interactions, aside from asking for his money back. Fenton’s response seems pretty gracious and forgiving, but it makes us feel weird. While we don’t know this person’s intentions — and hey, let’s be honest, we all know what it’s like to be hard up on money — we think it might be indicative of a larger cultural problem.

While we don’t know whether or not Fenton returned his money, we do know she had an informal poll on her Twitter about what to do, and it appears the majority of people say “no,” she shouldn’t return it. false

Too often in our society, people equate buying another person something — in this case, a drink — as people owing them something in return. Whether it’s a date, a phone number, sex, or something else, too often we read these social cues as a sign that something is being “exchanged.”

This makes us wonder: Would this guy feel entitled to having his money back if Fenton had gone out with him? We don’t know about him personally, but we do feel that this shines light on a bigger issue in our society with how we view women and respect.