Gillian Jacobs just shared a super relatable "worst date" story

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At some point or other, we’ve ALL experienced some kind of terrible or cringe-worthy date, and as traumatic as these can be at the time, it’s usually fun to recount the tale to friends later. And Gillian Jacobs shared a terrible date story in an interview with Refinery 29, and we appreciate how thoroughly she recounted all the gruesome details.

“My dad set me up with this guy who was a family friend,” she began in the interview (note to selves: Parental-inspired set ups are never a good idea).

“And I don’t drink but he and his friends really wanted to get into this cool bar in L.A.,” she continued. “They proceeded to get really drunk, and then the guy was mad that I was looking at my phone and he took it and chucked it across the bar and then I, for whatever reason I felt like I had to drive them home.”

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“I should have just made them get a cab. So I’m driving them home, and they’re so drunk they can’t even tell me where they live, and I’m like, ‘Then fine, get out, just get out on the side of the road.’ Finally they’re like ‘He lives down there,’ and then we get to his apartment and he’s like, ‘Do you want to go to San Diego with me in three hours?’ No! And then I’m just sitting there and he’s sitting in the passenger seat and he just reaches across and like gives me a sideways hug and didn’t say anything.”

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Sounds like the end of it, right? Nope. The guy kept texting her for weeks (ugh). Kudos for Jacobs for handling it so well!

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And terrible dating stories aside, Season 2 of Jacobs’ Netflix show Love is available for our viewing pleasure now! And there are plenty of brilliant dating moments in there.

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BRB…we have binge watching to do. And oh look, it’s Friday! Binge watching all through the weekend? Done.

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