Alyssa Thorne
Updated Dec 08, 2016 @ 4:37 pm
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Credit: kieferpix/ Getty Images

If you’re worrying that we’re getting down to the wire on the dawning of 2017 and you still haven’t nailed down your New Year’s date, never fear, we’re here for you. We’re also here for us because, hi, bloggers sometimes change out of their pajamas and socialize with creatures other than their pets…in theory. Happn is a dating app you’ve maybe heard of, but it’s a little less ~mainstream~ than say, the ubiquitous(ly terrible) Tinder. It basically just tracks your location, and lets you scroll through a catalogue of all the hotties you’ve literally crossed paths with that day. Then, you ‘like’ them — and like most dating apps, if the like isn’t mutual, there’s zero risk of embarrassment, ’cause they’ll never know you liked them.

This makes Happn ideal if you live in a heavily populated city, as maaaany young people do. Saw a cute guy at Starbucks this morning? Happn can make that happen. Spotted a gorgeous gal walking past you on the street? Happn is your totally polite, non-confrontational, and politically correct cat call.

But back to the NYE date conundrum. While Happn might be able to help you lock down that New Year’s kiss, according to a press release, Happn experiences a surge in users and likes the week following the holiday. So if you don’t have a date for New Year’s, never fear — your very own future partner in crime is statistically more likely to be on the app the week after.

In fact, last year in the days after NYE, there were more “Likes” (+33%), more “Charms” (+13%), and more “Crushes” (+19%) made – so users are that much more likely to find love come 2017.

So, like…sign up now so you’re ready to start your year off right.