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Patrice J. Williams
December 15, 2017 3:29 pm

The internet is a great place. It’s given us immediate access to anything and everything. There’s food on demand (thanks, Seamless!), clothes on demand (yay online shopping and same-day delivery!), and there are the fire memes we share in group chats. But the internet is also littered with people who just don’t deserve it. That’s exactly what caused Bumble to ban a user over his sexist and fat-shaming remarks.

However, this isn’t the first time the dating app has had to ban a user due to bad behavior. But this particular incident was so egregious, it caused Bumble to write an open letter to the jerk, er, guy.

It all started when Samantha and Michael connected on Bumble. Sounds fine, right? Well, when he randomly sent her messages one night, that’s when things took a turn. First he sent her a photo of another woman and said if, and only if, she looked more like her, then he’d take her out.

Courtesy of The Sun

"So you see the girl in the pic? That what you could look like if you put a tiny bit of effort out in the gym, thank me later. "

Wait, what!? He then went on to write that he’s a 10 out of 10 while she’s a five or six, but “with my advice I could put you to a 7.”

After the messages were shared with Bumble, they didn’t just ban Michael, they also wrote an open letter directly to him. And they didn’t hold back!fat-shaming

Courtesy of Bumble

"Who taught you how to talk like that? Do you think that the "security" of hiding behind a screen gives you permission to degrade people you don't know? Maybe you didn't know, but we hold people accountable for their actions."

They also made it clear that the dating app will never tolerate harassment or misogyny. “Listen, you’ve caught us in a moment where we are particularly aware of harassment and are ready to stop it dead in its tracks,” the company wrote. “You see, you attacked someone who belongs to our community, and in doing so you attacked more than just one woman — you ultimately attacked our values and philosophy as a community.”

They ended the letter with “See you never.”

After all of the drama, Michael told The Tab that he and his friends were drunk, and one of them sent the horrible messages to Samantha.

Yeah, whatever. #LaterMichael

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