Becca Rose
Updated Oct 08, 2017 @ 12:54 pm
Rachel on a blind date in Friends
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Have you ever been on a date bad enough to want to sue over it? Actually, scratch that — who hasn’t had a date that awful? Well, one woman took a chance on love and it went sour. So she decided to actually sue. Bravo for paving the way for the rest of us, Zoë Daly! Would that we all could reap renumeration for our terrible date stories.

Zoë is a fitness instructor who signed up with a fancy dating service (read: expensive!) to try and find her dream partner. The service, Elite Introductions, promises results. And it comes with a hefty price tag, too — to the tune of nearly $5,000. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Daly’s experience with Elite Introductions. According to the Herald:

Elite Introductions promised Zoë a date with a “like-minded, ambitious, successful, professional” man. What she got instead was a date with a dude who insulted her car. (Which looks pretty great, btw.)

So she decided she wanted her money back, and went to court over it. She called the first date “not at all pleasant” and said it made her reconsider the dating service a good use of her money.

The lawsuit went up in front of a tribunal in Daly’s home of Australia, and the results came out in her favor. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the verdict was that the tribunal “accepts the evidence of [Ms Daly] … in respect of misleading and deceptive statements and pressure sales techniques.”

Zoë got $4,000 back from the suit.

Let’s wish her better luck next time for her dating adventures. And let’s all rejoice in the idea of getting to sue over a bad date!