Rachel and the girls of "The Bachelor"
Credit: Michael Yada/ Getty Images

We’re always kind of sad when we hear that a former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant couple breaks up (RIP Ben and Lauren, so sad) because they spend so much time and effort (And money! Did y’all know they have to buy those dresses, because damn!) trying to find the loves of their lives on often-mortifying national television…and to not find it must be so difficult. Dating in general is hard, but to have it placed in the public eye like it is on the Bachelor, on top of having dozens of highly skilled producers convincing you to fall in love…honestly, we think we’d probably move into the ice cream section of our local grocery store and never leave.

Luckily, Hinge is here for Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who need a second chance at love: The app has promised to pay for the wedding of any former contestant who finds love while using its services.

The good folks behind the app shared this adorable and accurate letter to the single members of the Bachelor nation.

Credit: Hinge

It’s nice to see that the contestants now have an awesome fallback option (and, honestly, maybe it’s a little better to find love outside of the show, where things are more stable, and get a free wedding for your trouble).

Former contestants are already down.

But you know what else this means? This means that if you watch the show, and saw the man or woman of your dreams get rejected by the Bachelor or Bachelorette, you should get to their city stat, because if they’re still on the market and looking for love, we see a whole lot more familiar faces appearing on Hinge in the near future.