Credit: HelloGiggles, Bobby Bank/Getty Images
Credit: HelloGiggles, Bobby Bank/Getty Images

For the past 17 months, dark corners of the internet have worked themselves into an utter frenzy over one thing: Ghostbusters.

As you’re probably very well aware, the 1984 movie got a reboot, this time with an all female cast, including the (very funny) likes of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones (also don’t forget Chris Hemsworth!!). For some strange reason, this upset a lot of people.

And for the past 17 months, all these people have done is COMPLAIN ABOUT THE REBOOT. Like the reboot personally drove to their house and ruined their childhood or something, IDK, it’s been a lot of noise about Ghostbusters, but it honestly boils down to the fact that there’s a group of guys who want nothing to do with the new Ghostbusters — you’ve seen their mean, nasty comments strewn across the internet for sure. They’ve been pretty outspoken about hating the new Ghostbusters (even though literally none of them have seen the movie yet, the movie opens today).

I needed to know WHY. I need to know, if asked point blank, would dudes actually go see the movie?

Where, and who, are the dudes that are like THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS IS RUINING THE WORLD!!

I could easily go stand outside the HelloGiggles office building, and ask random male passerbyers if they are interested in seeing Ghostbusters. But that would require me getting up and going outside and talking to people and ugh.

So…why not use Tinder?

So simple. I (re-download the app again) and started messaging guys I matched with, asking if they wanted to see the movie this weekend. Also, I’d message them FIRST, in an effort to be bold and brave and fearless, just like our new Lady Ghostbusters.

Out of the 59 guys I matched with — and I messaged them all — 29 of them straight up ignored me.

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And since I had no chill during this Tinder experiment, I sent follow up messages. I assume all these dudes are, in fact, afraid of ghosts.

Also, Tinder got my hopes up that I had matched with Zac Efron, but even HE didn’t want to go see Ghostbusters.

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Then there were the guys who honestly just sounded like they didn’t want to see it because they didn’t want to see it — it’s okay to not want to see a movie just ~because~.

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Surprisingly, many dues were like “YEAH, WHEN DO YOU WANNA GO SEE IT?

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I accidentally made so many dates!!

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You guyssss, some guys were even like SUPER INTO GHOSTBUSTERS!!

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This was surprising. An overwhelming amount were actually cool with seeing Ghostbusters this weekend. They even admitted to loving everyone involved in the movie. These guys they looked up movie times and asked which one worked best for me and I was like whoa whoa pump the breaks.

So if all these guys want to see it…are there in fact misogynist dudes out there still against this movie?

Sadly, yes.

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Truth: I started this experiment expecting to get a lot more negative comments about Ghostbusters. Instead, I got two. Only two guys were steadfast against seeing the movie, no matter what. Both of them cited the same reason: The OG should never have gotten a reboot in the first place. One even went on (and on and on) about how this was “totally a money grab.”

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Honestly, thinking over this, I’m willing to bet that the fact that I asked the guys to go out first threw them all off, which is why they were willing to happily go see Ghostbusters with me. I doubt half of them even really want to go, but I just sounded so eager they were like “Yeah sure why not.” I bet if I had let conversation go on a little bit, and then asked them, I might have gotten a few more no’s.

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If we’re going to go off this small male sampling, turns out that a majority of them aren’t actually against Ghostbusters. Many of them will actually see it, and that’s awesome.

For about ten seconds, I thought about inviting ALL the guys who said yes to come and see it with me, and then I’d end up seeing Ghostbusters with 30+ pro-Ghostbusters gentlemen…but that seemed like too much work. But hey, at least I found a bunch of duds who are, in fact, not afraid of no Lady Ghostbusters.