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Dating apps are more common and diversified than ever these days. Apps like Tinder, OKCupid, and Bumble offer great ways to find a date for the weekend. But for those interested the Mile High Cub, AirDates offers an app for finding dates on your flight. While the airports are filled with people with too much waiting time and no one to talk to, we’ve never thought to open up a dating app. We think the idea of getting people together while traveling could be genius. Although hooking up on the plane feels a little too far.

AirDates offers passengers a way to connect in the terminal or in the air.

Currently in testing, Airdates uses our smartphones’ Multipeer WiFi to connect people. The app also plans to integrate with Facebook, Spotify, and Pinterest. Those networks offer a great way to determine peoples’ potential compatibility.

We’re not against chatting with our fellow travelers, we’re not sure about the Mile High Club.

Although plenty of people like the idea of getting romantic on the plane, that may be a little too awkward for others. But AirDates does offer the option to simply chat with your fellow travelers, which we could definitely see ourselves enjoying. Plus, AirDates currently offers the option to share your travel plans on the app, but we can see the potentially dangerous side of that. Hopefully as AirDates goes through testing, they’ll find ways to protect peoples’ privacy while connecting like-minded travelers.

We still have a lot of questions, but we like the idea of connecting while traveling.

We are very curious to see more about AirDates as it hits the main market.