Trilby Beresford
Updated Aug 10, 2017 @ 1:26 pm

We all remember swooning to the sounds of “Aaron’s Party” when we were younger. And it turns out we’re not the only ones — Chloë Grace Moretz revealed she had a huge crush on the singer when she was a kid.

And guess what? Aaron Carter asked Moretz on a date via Twitter after she publicly announced her childhood love for him! In a recent Variety interview, Moretz laughingly recalled how she idolized him when she was four, and fantasized with her friends about meeting him one day. Well, that day might be here!

Carter extended a romantic invitation, and we can’t wait to see how this unfolds. false

Okay, okay. Pretty smooth.

We know that Aaron has had his fair share of struggles lately, but we’re happy to see him be his charming and playful self. (Plus, it takes guts to ask someone out, no matter who you are, so kudos, dude!).

In another Twitter post, Carter got more specific about the date. false

And unsurprisingly, people want this meeting to happen!

There’s been no response from Moretz’s camp yet, but no pressure girl! We’re confident that what is meant to happen, will happen. Even if these two don’t end up going on a dinner date, who knows, they could become friends.

And if nothing happens at all, hey, it’s always flattering to get a (respectful) offer. Moretz might need some time to recharge after her split from Brooklyn Beckham, anyway.

At the very least, we’re sure Chloë appreciates the shout out. Now let’s sit back and see where this goes.