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Dating apps can be crazy fun when you’re meeting new people you actually enjoy hanging out with. It’s also fun if the people are so terrible that they at least make for great stories to cringe with your friends over later. What better material for the group text is there than swapping truly awful Tinder matches and ripping on someone’s lame bio? But there comes a time in all of our online dating lives when you need to take a break. Honestly, there are so many reasons to delete all of your dating apps, at least for a while.

You don’t have to be striking out terribly to need a breather from swiping. Even if you’re going on tons of dates but just haven’t found your ~person~ yet, deleting your dating apps is good for your mental health. And yes, you have to delete them. Not that we don’t trust you, but if you merely pledge to not online date while leaving the apps chilling on your home screen, you’re likely gonna cave the first time you lounge too long in bed and find yourself with nothing new to scroll through.

Here are all of the great reasons to delete your dating apps and take a month or more off. You can thank us later.

1Because dating can feel like a full-time job.

Um, can we be really real for a second? Dating apps take up a lot of freaking time if you’re really doing it. Between swiping, putting up with dumb pick-up lines, and actually meeting all these people out in the wild, it’s roughly the time equivalent of having another job. And you’re not even getting paid for it. WTF.

2Because dating IRL is still a thing.

We hate when people say that using dating apps isn’t “real” dating because, uh, that unsolicited dick pic and bar tab were very real,my friend. But picking someone up at a party or asking your friend for her hot friend’s even hotter friend’s number is sort of fun. Try it on for nostalgia’s sake.

3Because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

If you are not getting the kinds of matches you want or everyone you meet up with in real life looks absolutely nothing like their profile pics, it can start to wear on a woman’s soul. Take a break and bring some positive energy back into your digital life.

4Because it’s starting to get out of control.

Dating can be addictive. If you’re living for the notification of a new match or your friends have asked you to put the damn phone down and listen to their story already, you’re possibly too deep in the dating rabbit hole. Identifying you have a problem is the first step, right?

5Because it’s not working.

If you’re going on date after date, and they all sort of suck, just STAHP. Sometimes you just need to unplug and hit the reset button. Plus, what good are your first-date stories if all you do is go on first dates? You need to at least get some more material to work with.

6Because it’s getting expensive.

If you are miraculously having your first dates pay for you all the time, good for you! You obviously have great karma. But if that’s not your blessed dating journey, dating can be stupid expensive, even when you’re doing it on the cheap. Drinks, transportation, all the late-night food you consume after a particularly awful date can add up. Take a month off and replenish your spirit and your bank account.

7Because sometimes you just need a break, alright?

Sometimes dating or even just fooling around with someone in your DMs means you’re not focusing on something else. Like your crushing anxiety about being alone or the fact that you haven’t stayed in on a weekend in months and need to recharge. Dating is fun, but taking time off for self care is a must.