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Once you get the hang of online dating, it can actually be really fun. Not like other people’s feelings or your love life should ever be treated like a game, but let’s be real: Online dating is very much like a game, what with the swiping, the risk tasking, and the final showdown of an actual IRL date. This game-like quality can be sort of addictive and you start looking for a bigger, better fix. Which is why it’s good to know that there are many online dating sites that aren’t Tinder to try.

If you’re bored or you keep striking out on your fave these days, switching apps is a good way to spice things up.

Every online dating site has its good features and its not-so-great downsides, like your luck sometimes depending on where you live or how old you are. There’s nothing wrong with using one app if you’re finding matches that interest you consistently. But if the well seems to be running a little dry, it’s worth going elsewhere.

Here are a few addictive online dating apps besides Tinder to try out:


Hinge works very similarly to Tinder, but it only pulls from your social network. So, yes, you have to give it access to your Facebook account. The idea is that friends of friends will mean you have something more in common with a person, and it also makes things a little less awkward. If you guys both like each other, you’re matched, and then you have a solid 24 hours to respond to the person and get things going. The only drawback? Sometimes your friends have less-than-desirable social circles.

2Coffee Meets Bagel

If the sheer number of people freaks you out on other apps, you might like Coffee Meets Bagel. Every day, the app offers up a person with similar interests and preferences as you do. If you guys like the sound of each other, you’re matched up and then have a timed period to message and get going. It’s a little slower paced than some of the other apps out there, which can be a very good thing.


Bumble is another app that functions in a similar way as Tinder, except that there’s one catch: For hetero pairings, the woman has to message first once they match with a person. Literally, men cannot message a woman if she didn’t ask him to, which can be refreshing. For same-sex couples, it’s basically just another Tinder. Since it’s pretty popular, there are a lot of people on the app to choose from.


Happn is a little bit creepy if you’re in a small town since it’s based solely on location. So you match with people based on where your’ve been, and it even knows how many times you’ve been somewhere just when your match was, too. It can go both ways. If you’re into the whole sliding doors idea of life and always wondered if you were bumping into your soulmate and striking out every morning at the coffee shop, Happn might be fun for you.

5Meet Me Outside

This is for people who really like to DO things on a date — and now you don’t even have to have the awkward “what do you want to do?” conversation. You list your favorite things to do, your bucket list items, and find like-minded people. The app also suggests fun things to do in your area happening while you match.


If you’re picky about what you listen to and judge prospective life partners by their Spotify playlists, this is the app for you. With Tastebuds, you’re matched only to people who are into the same tunes you are. Which means you can have lots of dance parties together.

Trying new apps is the best way to make sure that you don’t get stuck in an online dating rut. Stay strong out there, swipers.