S. Nicole Lane
Updated Jan 14, 2017 @ 2:07 pm

I think we can all agree that dating is an embarrassing tangle of awkward attraction mixed with the overwhelming hope that a few hours could possibly turn into something meaningful, something passionate, something that isn’t a complete bore. Since we are currently living in the age of hookup culture, where casual sexual encounters are encouraged and long-term commitment doesn’t necessarily always play a role, traditional dating is a rarity. Because of this, if a date does occur, a lot of pressure is put on the entire night. Too fancy? Too off-putting? Not fancy enough? The list could go on. The pressure and the anxiety for things to go correctly can sometimes steer the outcome of the night and for these 27 hopefuls, their dates most definitely left them turned off and unwilling to meet again.

When a kiss goes wrong

Hint: Don’t EVER do this

When being frugal is taken to a new level

Being humble never hurt anybody

Alrighty, then

Let them eat cake! And then some

When you don’t have time for shitty people

A little advice? Leave the parents at home, tonight.

Consent is sexy, being a prick is not

Sometimes, less is more

Dating is not a family affair!

We’ve all been there…

This dude needs a wake up call

There’s always a first for everything

When your pickiness has validity

Honestly, this is sad

Might as well show your true colors right away

Pump the breaks!

Make sure to let your date know what your job is since yaknow, that’s important

There are rules to dating and this is a pretty basic one

Promptness is pretty much 100% important

Where on Earth did this dude come from?

Yikes, you may want to save that information for later

Okay, he’s just plain “gross”[/suheader]

Cupid isn’t always on our side

We all want sunsets and fairy tale endings but not after a first date

Hello! Never bring up an ex on the first date

While these dating mishaps may not be the happiest of memories for these hopeless romantics, the sea is wide, the world is large, and there are tons of new fish for you to feast your eye upon.