Remember a few weeks ago when we all freaked out about the new people ratings app, Peeple? It was all a big joke (probably), and one that we all fell for because having people rate other people is a kinda terrifying idea. Well, here’s something else that will scare you, too: There’s a new dating app that actually lets you grade your matches. Oh boy.

Called, The Grade and created by Cliff Lerner, he explained to Business Insider that the app first used an algorithm to “weed out the worst people on the app.” AKA, the jerks and the creeps, basically. But thanks to lots of user feedback, mostly from women as Lerner notes, The Grade’s team decided to let users decide on who were the jerks and the creeps by letting everyone grade each other.

How does it work? Well, you need to download the app — which I did — and then you need to go on a date. But I’m like real busy because American Horror Story is on tonight, and priorities. But, after the date, you can then go back and “grade” the person with yes or no answers, like were they nice? Could they keep a conversation going? Were they outgoing? From these yes and no answers, and supplied hashtags, The Grade gives you a grade, and that appears right on your profile picture. So do you want to swipe right or left for someone with a C- grade? That’s your choice.

Your given grade isn’t supposed to make anyone feel bad about themselves, but it’s instead about knowing when to steer clear of someone who might stand you up for a date, or send unsolicited pictures. Those seem to always be the pitfalls of online dating, and The Grade wants to put an end to that. If you manage to get down to an F rating from other users, you’re booted from the app. Lerner also hopes that, thanks to user generated reviews, The Grade will become a nice, safe way to meet people, especially for women.

So just how weird and slightly creepy is it? It works exactly like Tinder with that swipe right/left stuff, but then in the bottom left hand corner, there’s a little grade. (The images below are from my foray into the app, but I’ve scribbled out any personal details in the name of privacy.)

The grade isn’t always A. And as you scroll through the app and come across these individuals with lower grades, you can’t help but wonder WHY someone has received a C+ grade. Then again, do you really want to go out on a date with someone who’s got a user-rated grade of a C+ to find out?

I myself only have a B grade right now, and I’m pretty upset about that tbh (then again, it has been like a half hour since I downloaded the app). If I go out on a date and someone hashtags that I was #awesome, my grade will go up. If I go on a date and someone hashtags#OnlyTalkedAboutAHS, I bet my grade will go down. And if you don’t respond to someone’s message, that also factors into your grade (I got an F for that). There’s a lot of stuff going on here.

I didn’t really need to know my average photo grade was an A-, but thanks, The Grade! The app is really looking to make its mark as the “female empowered dating app,” but users will be the judge of that. If you want to learn more about it before you download it and then delete it you can check it out here.

(Images via author/The Grade; CBS)