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Updated Jul 22, 2015 @ 12:36 pm

Describing your partner to a police sketch artist may seem like a relatively simple task. After all, this is a person you see practically every single day, right? You would (or should) know their face better than anyone! But as Distractify‘s latest video shows us, this is actually a deceptively difficult exercise . . . and describing your true love’s face to a sketch artist actually yields some seriously hilarious results. Basically, we’re obsessed with this vid.

First, the ladies were asked to describe the guys. And they got creative. One woman described her partner’s face as “a house . . . flipped upside down.” Err, is that a compliment? Another woman’s description of her partner: “. . . kind of like Elvis if he didn’t brush his hair.” LOL.

The guys were just as hilarious. One described his girlfriend as having a face shape, “like an upside-down A.” What is with describing upside-down items?! Another guy described his partner as, “very kind of sweet looking, but underlying evil . . . she kind of scares you a little bit.” Yeah, err, you might get in trouble for that one later, pal. Another noted trend with the guys? Describing their ladies in terms of letters. First the A and then another dude who mentioned, “her hair sort of starts like in the back of her forehead, like a capital D.” Is that a thing?

Yes, well, these hysterically bad descriptions led to some brilliant sketches. “I look like a dinosaur,” one participant said of the finished project. Art aside, the cool thing about this exercise was that the couples noticed a lot of details about each other that they hadn’t noticed before. One woman hadn’t noticed that her partner had shaved his mutton chops, while another guy described his partner’s hair as being shoulder-length when it was actually “boob-length.” Hey, ya learn something new every day — and honestly, I probably wouldn’t do any better!

The truth is, the more time we spend with someone the harder it can be to tell what they look like! They just look like, well, themselves.

Watch the whole vid below and be prepared to crack up.

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