20 couples reveal what they *don’t* love about sex

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Let’s open up and have an honest conversation about S.E.X. Because most of the time when people talk about sex, they tend to stay on the lighter, sexier side of things. Many people have unrealistic expectations about sex, often thinking it’ll be this amazing, toe-curling, earth-shattering experience like we’ve seen so many times in the movies. And sure, sex can be all that. Good sex between two consenting adults can be a truly mind-blowing experience that brings all kinds of physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction (or so we’ve heard).

But if you think about it, and we mean *really* think about it, sex can be awkward AF too.

When it comes to the act of love making, there are many wonderful aspects and some not-so-great parts too. And the guys and gals over at Whisper did not hold back when sharing the things about sex they’d rather not have to deal with. Let’s take a look!


What I hate about sex is how close the guy is to your face and he can notice every imperfection on your face, it's so awkward! I h8 how the guy just stares at your face expression..observing..waiting


The only thing I don't like about having sex around this time of year is the fact that I have to shave my legs everytime I know I'm going to get some. And he's the only one that notices.


The only part i hate about sex is when it ends


The thing I hate about sex is after doing it once I want it all day everyday


The only thing I hate about sex is the fact that I'm a squirter. I hate being soaked and making everything around me soaked too.


I dislike having sex with a Condom on it just don't feel right. It's like having a bath but keeping all your clothes on its just not right.


One thing I hate about having sex is that I always end up on top


Being a squirter is my least favorite part of sex. Its so.... Messy.


Don't you hate it when you're having sex and she puts a finger in your butt.


I don't like when guys don't take all their clothes off during sex If I have to be naked, so do you


One thing that sucks about sex toys is how damn loud they can be :/


One thing i hate about having sex with him is his pubes get stuck to my ass/vag...


What I hate about having sex? Being paranoid for the rest of the month while waiting for your menstruation to come 😩


Hate when a guy tells me to quiet down when we're having sex. Stop dicking me so good and we won't have that problem.


Sometimes I hate sex with my boyfriend because his dick hurts me. #shortgirlproblem


I hate it when guys think just because they're big that they're automatically good at sex. Congrats you stabbed my cervix... Now what?


Does anyone else miss the simplicity of making out with someone? I feel like as an adult, sex is just rushed.


I get so embarrassed if I queef during sex.. Worst thing ever.


sometimes the only thing I hate about sex is the performance. why does everything have to be so dramatic? let's just Fuck and be done.


The one thing I hate about sex is that smelly condom smell on your hands🙁

And there you have it, folks. All the awkwardness and not so great things about sex for your viewing pleasure.

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