Sammy Nickalls
Updated Aug 21, 2015 @ 1:32 pm

Earlier this month, we were all totally charmed by an elderly couple in Georgia that were pretty much Noah and Allie IRL. And now, we’re swooning over a new super sweet photo of another elderly couple, because TRUE LOVE IS REAL, GUYS.

This past Monday night in St. Louis, a guy by the name of Pete Hubert was walking into a baseball game to watch his team, the St. Louis Cardinals, play against the San Francisco Giants when he spotted possibly the most legit example of a #relationshipgoal we’ve ever seen. The couple walking in front of him was wearing the most fabulous set of jerseys ever.

The husband was on the left, wearing a Cardinals jersey with the word “Together” and the number “19.” The wife was on his right, wearing a Giants jersey with the word “Since” and the number “52.”

“I looked and said, ‘That is so awesome,'” Pete told ABC News of the jerseys, which side-by-side say, “Together Since 1952.” “I said hi to the couple and snapped the photo on the way into the game.” He sent the photo to his friend, saying, “Hopefully we can all be so lucky!” He also sent it to his fiancee, who posted it on Facebook, where sports columnist Ben Hochman spotted it. And when Pete tweeted the pic the next day, it quickly went viral — probably because it’s unbelievably, heart-stoppingly, adorable.

Back in July, a couple months before this picture was taken, the couple — Carol and Warren Reckmeyer, both music teachers at the same school — actually spoke to WTVO-TV about their love for baseball and each other. As we know, they have been together since 1952 — 63 years! — and he’s a Cardinals fan, while she’s a Giants fan.

“Like father like daughter,” Carol told WTVO-TV. “My dad was a Giants fan.”

“My mother and I would listen to the Cardinals back in the ’30s,” Warren said to the station. “I was 3 years old when they won their first World Championship, and Pepper Martin was my idol.”

But when their teams are playing each other? “We make a truce,” Carol said to WTVO-TV, followed by a chuckle. OK, that’s adorable. And they have the secret to a very happy marriage. “Well,” Carol said, “he always has the last word . . . Yes dear.”

Carol, you wonderful queen. Relationship goals, for sure.

[Images via Twitter]