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At most weddings, couples vow to love one another “until death do us part.” Yet, in the vibrancy of youth, many forget that there will (hopefully) be many, many years of aging in between the exchange of rings and the inevitable.

One couple got to experience those years in just a few hours as Cut, the viral video studio that brought us the “100 Years of Beauty” series and “Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time,” teamed up with Field Day to show the soon-to-be-newlyweds what they would probably look like in their 50s:

Their 70s:

And their 90s:

As Christie and Tavis, who are both in their late 20s, see one another grow older, they start to make predictions about what their shared life will be like at these ages. In their 50s, they think they’ll have teenagers and spend a lot of time attending PTA meetings while in their 70s Tavis quips that he “did not age well” and Christie predicts she’ll be a bit worn out from having children and grandchildren. At 90-something—well, prepare for some waterworks.

Watch the heartwarming video below: