wedding crashers

Want to make Wedding Crashers happen IRL? One couple actually wants you to. Yes, seriously.

You are humbly invited to crash the wedding of Paul Johnson and Shelly Osterhout on October 10 in Fort Myers, Florida. Grab your old bridesmaid dresses, funky tuxes, or anything wedding-related you can find, because this wedding has a Wedding Crashers theme, and they want you to be their Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson.

Shelly, an owner of Computer Solutions of America, and Paul, a sheriff’s deputy, are currently planning for about 1,600 guests to arrive, but even if they get more, they aren’t worried. “The more the merrier,” Shelly told News-Press.

The ceremony will be private for family and friends, but the reception has been totally opened to the public and will take place from 8 to 10 p.m. at the Center Court at Bell Tower shops. Merchants in these shops will be serving as the wedding vendors, and guests can go out to eat or grab a drink at the local shops. Guests can watch the couple’s very first dance, then Shelly’s dance with her father and Paul’s dance with his mother. Before bouquet tossing and dancing, the couple promises there will be a *~*huge surprise*~* for their wedding crashers.

But the really big show? The send-off: The couple has purchased over 1,000 glowsticks for their soon-to-be wedding friends to see them off shortly before they fly to their honeymoon in Washington D.C. and Manhattan.

“We look forward to the surprise of seeing who attends – new friends and old,” Shelly told News-Press. “I can’t think of a more special way to share our special day than with the community where we live.”

The couple met online on the website Plenty Of Fish, and they knew it was love. “For me, it was when I looked at [her] picture, it was like she was looking right at me, not through me. ‘Here I am,'” Paul told News-Press. After an amazing first date, three months later, they moved in together. . . and last November, Paul proposed.

They had been worried about parking for their 120 guests, but when they realized how perfect Bell Tower shops were, they decided to open up their reception to the public. And TBH, we want to go. Roadtrip to Florida, anyone? If you are interested in attending, RSVP on the official event’s Facebook page. So far, almost 200 have signed up, but we have a feeling a lot more will be clicking “join” soon. Talk about sharing your love with the world. Congratulations, Paul and Shelly!

(Image via New Line Cinema.)