Confessions that prove the best way to start your day is with sex


Waking up in the morning can be very difficult. Who wants to roll out of bed when it’s early or cold? Especially if it’s to go to work? No one wants to deal with all of that. And if we have someone in snuggled in bed with us there is no motivation to wake up. Unless there is a nice ~incentive~ of course. Some people find that having sex in the morning is a great way to start their day with a smile on their face and a bounce in their step. Breakfast might be an essential part of the morning, but for some a quick hook up or some time with their partner is necessary for a great day. And even if you’re a sex at night type of person, I think we can agree that waking up via sex has to be a thousand times better than waking up to the obnoxious beep of your alarm.

We don’t judge

I love having morning sex. It doesn't matter who's next to me when I wake up, I just want to hook up with them.Quantcast

Only here for one thing

I only stay the night for more sex in the morning. Hate when guys assume it means I want to cuddle.Quantcast

100% certainty is a good thing

Yes, I prefer morning sex- I'd rather know I'm a legitimate choice than an alcoholic-hazed mistake. Quantcast

Definitely a good reason to get up in the morning

Having sex before work is the best way to get me motivated. Quantcast

It’s a pretty nice excuse

I'm constantly late to work because I don't want to stop having sex with my boyfriend in the morning. Quantcast

Smile on your face all day long

Morning sex is the best sex. Makes the rest of your day great. Quantcast

It’s good to have a plan

When i want morning sex, i "pretend" my blanket fell off the bed. Works every time. 😂Quantcast

Hygiene is super important

I love morning sex, but I refuse to kiss until we have both brushed our teeth.Quantcast

We dig the sexy voice

Morning sex exists because of the way men sound in the morning. There is literally NOTHING better than that deep morning voice rasp.Quantcast

The goal is to see everything

I prefer morning sex because I can see every inch of imperfections of his body that I will eventually adore Quantcast

Beauty is more than skin deep

My favorite thing is morning sex. I love that even though my makeup is smudged, my hair is a mess, and I have morning breath that someone still cares enough for me to overlook all that.Quantcast

Give in to your desires

I like surprise morning sex. Him taking control. Not letting me out of the bed until he gets it. The animalistic look in his eye. Making us late for work. Going into the office with that smirk, tho.Quantcast

It can drive you wild

Morning sex is the best! Best part is i get to wear her scent on me all day...Quantcast

It’s great bonding time

I love waking up to groggy morning sex. It's so intimate and intense in the sleepy stages of waking up. Quantcast

A little spontaneity never hurt

I love morning sex. Its always so unexpected and simple. Quantcast

 Living together definitely has its perks

Me and my boyfriend are moving in together and I'm most excited about getting to have morning sex Quantcast

Missing the routine 

The only bad thing I find about breaking up with my boyfriend is that morning sex isn't a thing now. Quantcast

Sleepy but ready to go! 

I loveeee when my BF wakes me up for sex in the morning. Like yasssss, I'm tired but I'm ready af. Quantcast

You probably should get a doctor’s note

I don't think my "because morning sex is more important than this job" excuse is gonna fly when I'm late for work. Quantcast

Who needs caffeine?

Sex in the morning before work is like a redbull vodka to get the party started.Quantcast

And of course, you’ll be able to sing Lonely Island’s ‘I Just Had Sex’. It definitely seems like a win <3

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