Lindsey Sirera
September 14, 2017 8:49 am

Riverdale returns to us in just a few short weeks, and we’ve got a *lot* of questions. Like, did Archie’s dad survive the vicious attack at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe? And what is Jughead going to do now that he’s in the Serpents fold? And who is Betty Cooper’s secret brother? And most important of all, are Jughead and Betty actually a couple IRL?

Well, Cole Sprouse weighed in on the  Lili Reinhart dating rumors, speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the pressing issue that’s put Riverdale‘s fans on edge. So are he and costar Lili Reinheart dating?

Photo by Robby Klein/Getty Images

Okay…so that’s like a definite “maybe.” Right?

While Sprouse is playing with our heart strings here, the dude’s got a point. We do love a good IRL TV couple, and his on-screen relationship with Reinhart *has* really struck a chord. And we totally respect their desire for privacy, regardless of if they are or are not in a relationship. Still, deep, deep down the suspense is killing us.

Like we said, there’s no denying their chemistry on or off screen. And with reports of PDA popping up from Vancouver, where the show films, to their Comic Con appearances, there’s more than enough reason to speculate that these two are an item.

Rumors that the two are a couple first arose back in March when Lili made a cameo on Cole’s Instagram. Since then, reports from multiple sources have made their way into the mainstream to confirm our suspicions. But neither Lili nor Cole have made a peep about their rumored romance until now.

Okay, so while we don’t have all the answers, at least we have some “Bughead” love to look forward to when Riverdale returns October 11th.