Madison Vanderberg
April 15, 2016 2:49 pm

When you’re single AF for yeaaarrrsss and then one day like, JK I’m in a serious relationship now! This is what happens.

1. You check your phone for Hinge matches out of habit and are like, “Oh wait, I don’t have to do that now.”

2. You miss sleeping alone in your bed and remind yourself that you can’t have solo bed AND a relationship.

3. You forget that you have another person in your life and need to like, check in on them, because you’re so used to just doing your own thing all the time.

4. You go to a bar and scope out the scene but then remember that you can actually just go out with friends and have fun and NOT worry about hitting on anyone. WHOA.

5. You forget to tell your significant other where you’re going and then you’re like, “Maybe I should I have told my boo I was going to Vegas?”

6. Binge-watching isn’t a thing you do alone, in your bed, with your laptop. You can like, watch shows with ANOTHER person. Crazy, right?

7. You bring your partner to a party and say weird things like, “This is my…uhhh…bae person,” because you forgot how introducing a SO works.

8. All your friends lose their shit because you were the de-facto single friend for so long.

9. You can’t leave all one zillion of your beauty products in the bathroom anymore and need to stop letting toothpaste crust over in the sink.

10. Your distant relatives stop asking if you’re dating someone at family holidays and instead only ask you questions about your SO, which is equally annoying.

11. When you first start dating, you sneak out of their house before they wake up because that’s what you did with hook-ups, and then realize you should probably STOP doing that.

12. You have to compromise your sleep schedule to accommodate another person which means you’re both pretty tired a lot of time, but it’s worth it because of the ~*~cuddles*~*.

13. When you were single, your idea of eating out was picking up some Chipotle but now you have dinner plans and date nights which is awesome and then you check your bank account like 😬

14. But you now have someone to share life’s experiences with and that’s awesome and doesn’t take any getting used to!