We all know that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are relationship goals to the max. After all, John did write the most romantic song ever, “All Of Me,” for Chrissy. . . and he recently bought her the best Christmas gift ever, a.k.a. A MASSIVE WHEEL OF CHEESE. Now that’s love.

But John isn’t the only one who shows his affections in the cutest of ways. Today is John’s 37th birthday, and Chrissy took to Instagram to post the sweetest tribute to her husband.

“Another year with you has flown by and I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished,” Chrissy wrote. “Every year, I wonder how things can even get better but you always find a way.”

YEP, the cutest. But it doesn’t end there. “Happy *37th* birthday to the most wonderful, hard-working, loving being I, and anyone who has ever met you, have ever known,” Chrissy wrote. “We love you, my handsome old man.”

Did you catch that “we”? Yep, that’s because she’s speaking for their baby-to-be. BRB, dabbing away the happy tears for the happy couple.

Of course, in her Chrissy fashion, she couldn’t help but add a little bit of her humor in there, too: “Also I’m sorry I thought you were 37 all year,” she wrote at the end of the post. Hey, we all make mistakes.

Have a wonderful birthday, John! <3

(Image via Instagram.)