Caralynn Lippo
Updated Feb 04, 2017 @ 10:02 am
chicken nugget bouquet
Credit: / Annika Aguinaldo

Who needs a bouquet of roses when you can have a bouquet of McDonald’s chicken nuggets instead?

Some women might be more into traditional flowers for special occasions. Getting a bouquet of roses as a gift for Valentine’s Day (which is just around the corner!) is pretty typical. On the flip side, other women might find spending money on flowers to be sorta silly. After all, while pretty, flowers just wither and die and don’t do much in terms of function.

Enter: chicken nuggets.

Annika Aguinaldo, a 19-year-old student from Manila, was given an incredibly unique bouquet from her boyfriend. Understandably, she was so excited she had to share it with the world. She tweeted out two photos of the chicken nugget bouquet-gifting moment that had been captured by a friend who came along to experience the super cute moment firsthand. false

In the first pic, you can see Aguinaldo’s world-class dude handing her a literal wrapped bouquet of chicken nuggets on sticks. In the second photo, she’s holding them and grinning like she just won the lotto. Because she did win the lotto – the relationship lotto. Basically, she looks so damn happy that it makes us happy.

Other guys might have doubted the sincerity of Aguinaldo saying she honestly didn’t want flowers. Luckily, her BF (Rico Villanueva, also 19) took what she said to heart and got her a gift she could really enjoy. ~Insert heart eye emojis here~.

Aguinaldo explained to BuzzFeed News that McDonald’s has actually played a big role in her relationship with Villanueva before this. They first hung out together at a McD’s and have frequently surprised one another with nuggets when they know the other hasn’t eaten. So #Relatable.

The tweet caught the attention of many, quickly going viral with over 10,000 retweets and over 40,000 likes at last count. But the best part? The official McDonald’s Philippines account took note of the romantic moment – and ended up inviting the couple out for a romantic “McDate” at the fast-food restaurant. false

Are these two the epitome of goals or what? Add this to the list of V-day flower alternatives, right up there with California’s weed bouquet or this stuffed dinosaur bouquet.