Ashley Rey
Updated Sep 18, 2016 @ 9:34 am
Charlie Bear
Credit: Jennifer Dziuvenis / JenDz Photography

We’re totally fans of dogs doing human things, and we fawn over those viral pictures of them smiling sweetly as they watch their owners get hitched.

Well, we have a touching story behind one of those beautifully dog-friendly weddings for you! Jennifer Dziuvenis of JenDzPhotograpy kindly shared the photos with us, but trust us, get those boxes of tissues ready…

Veterinarian Kelly O’Connell met black lab Charlie Bear when he was brought to her animal shelter after being abandoned in a grocery store cart. O’Connell tells BuzzFeed News that she wasn’t looking for a dog at the time, but knew that it was love at first sight.

And just like that, Charlie became an incremental part to her family – seeing O’Connell through her studies to becoming a full-fledged veterinarian, moving across country from New York to Colorado, and settling in to her new home with her future husband and 2 step-sons.

Charlie’s health made a turn for the worst when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor last April. According to his family, Charlie’s prognosis came after having a seizure while on a walk. Just a week before O’Connell and Garvin tied the knot, Charlie had five seizures and the couple saw it fit to end his suffering by putting him to sleep.

But, a week before the wedding, the couple noticed that Charlie’s health was looking up, and hopes of Charlie being able to live long enough to see the ceremony seemed promising.

The couple was married amongst family and friends on September 1st with Charlie lying right by their side. And when he was too tired to walk, the bride’s sister, Katie Lloyd, carried his 80 lb frame back down the aisle; and a single dry eye was not left in the house.

“His body was failing him, but he was happy,”Dziuvenis goes on to say.

And on September 9th, Charlie was put to sleep, and passed quietly at home surrounded by his loved ones.

Having pictures of the ceremony “means the world” to O’Connell.

Someone pass us ALL of the tissues, please!

We’re so lucky as humans to have dogs like Charlie Bear. He can be sure his loving owners will never forget him, and neither will we.