Channing Sargent
Updated Feb 11, 2017 @ 11:29 am
double straw
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Who knew Burger King could be so romantic? The fast food chain just debuted a new sippy cup for couples. The thing seems so obvious, we don’t know how it didn’t exist before.

Considering the amount of times we’ve gone through a drive-through with our bae and decided to just share a soda, because we didn’t want a whole one all to ourselves. We just wanted a sip of theirs.

But then comes the question of how close you two really are. Is it a newish relationship? Sharing a straw might seem too intimate. We’re just not there yet. But two straws don’t fit through the one hole. And removing the lid to dip in your own straw comes across as finicky.

Enter: The Valentine’s Cup.

It’s all in the lid. Get this: Two straw-holes.

You catch that? Two holes for one straw each.

That means you can use your own straw, but sip out of the same cup!

double straw
Credit: BuzzmanTV/

You can be just like those old-timey actors sharing a milkshake at the soda fountain in that vintage romantic movie you can’t remember the name of.

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Or, speaking practically, you can place the soda in the cup holder of the car, and never get confused about whose straw is whose. The holes will keep them in place!

Seriously, this thing is life-changing. Like the tandem bicycle, the dual-handle toothbrush, or razors for her that eliminated confusion about whose razor is whose. Unfortunately, they only seem to be available in France at the moment. But something this wonderful surely has to come state-side very soon.

Burger King helps make relationships enjoyable to all.