Credit: HBO

If you’re like us, you really miss Carrie Bradshaw. Like: All. The. Time. Sex and the City may be long gone, but is it ever, really, if it lives on in our hearts?

One of the fun things about being a fan is imagining where your favorites ended up after the series ended. But, if you’ve ever wondered what Carrie would be like as a bro, look no further than Dana Schwartz’s — and others’ — tweets on BRO CARRIE BRADSHAW.

We selected some of our favorites here.

From love and PBR:


To love and the gym:


And Carrie Bradshaw on Axe Body Spray (of course):


And there’s more, from the Carrie Bro-shaw tweets themselves.

Everything’s covered.

From investment banking:

To fantasy football:

And even Tinder — which didn’t even exist during Sex And The City days. Can you imagine if it had?!

Haven’t had enough? TBH, how can you ever have enough?!

You can check out more here. But we have to warn you: You’re going to start thinking up a bunch of Bro Carrie Bradshaw-isms yourself, so watch out — or at least have Twitter open.