Shaunna Murphy
Updated Dec 20, 2016 @ 3:51 pm
Credit: Twitter/Braxton Sislo

There’s World’s Best Girlfriend, and then there’s this girlfriend’s response to her boyfriend’s empty box Christmas present … which basically puts her in the category of World’s Best Human, because holy god we would not be okay with this.

21-year-old Braxton Sislo of New Orleans, Louisiana, recently found out how great his girlfriend, 20-year-old Ray, really is when he tweeted out a screenshot of texts between them that have since gone extremely viral. In the texts, Silo explained to Ray that he got her an empty box with “nothing in it” — adding that she could “put stuff in it” if she so desired — and Ray, well, responded the way we would if someone got us Hamilton tickets. false

According to Buzzfeed News, Sislo and Ray met on Twitter, and he decided to give her the empty box when it showed up at his job at a cell phone accessories store, thinking she could use it to store some jewelry. He sent her the texts to inform her that he was giving her the empty box — because, you know, most people receiving a box from their long-distance BF over the holidays will understandably assume said box contains something — and his Canadian love was just way, way more excited about it than he and the entire internet thought she’d be.

“I was both surprised and not surprised by her reaction,” Sislo told BuzzFeed. “She’s always been a woman that is grateful for the little things … But at the same time I wasn’t expecting all of that.”

Judging by how other people are responding to their significant others sending them the same texts as a joke, Sislo was right to not expect too much — most people are not huge enthusiasts of empty boxes. false

“She’s a really great human,” he concluded to Huffington Post. “She has a lot to offer to the world and I’m blessed enough to be able to call her my girlfriend.”