Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As if Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani weren’t already about as cute as it gets (their selfies literally get all of our heart-emojis), things just reached nonsense-levels of sweet. During Late Night with Seth Meyers, Shelton opened up about how *wowed* he continually is by the star, and it’s so, so adorable.

Admitting that the pair had to learn each other’s music after dating (they are pretty different, after all), he reflected on a time he was flipping through radio stations before realizing, wait, that sounds a whole lot like his girlfriend. Blake was totally starstruck, saying:

“All the songs? Wow, that was you? That’s you?”

This is absolutely hilarious. We can’t even. Oh yeah, he kept going:

“And we’ve kissed? Wow, that’s amazing!”

OMG, stop. This is beyond precious. One last cute thing:

“I think she must have some vision problems.”

Clearly Blake doesn’t realize what a heartthrob he is and always has been, but we’re into this silly dose of modesty. He’s so in awe of her it’s giving us major #relationshipgoals.

Watch for yourself to see just how adorable they are!