Gabi Conti
Updated Aug 28, 2014 @ 11:12 am

I don’t know much about weddings. From what I gather, it’s a time when a couple celebrates their love by having their 200 closest friends buy them household appliances from CB2.

OK, that’s a little cynical. Still, to me, the best part of a wedding seems to be the photos. With summer wedding season coming to a close, let’s take a look at some legendary photos that really nailed the whole “capturing memories that will last a lifetime” thing—thanks to some imagination and, sometimes, some Photoshop.

These photos make me understand weddings more. Almost.

1. The T-Rex Trot

Perfect for any Jurassic Park fan. This couple wins. Most of the bridal party seems really into it. While others’ smiles seem to be screaming, “Am I the only one here that has never taken an acting class?”

2. + Jeff Goldblum

This must’ve made the original T-Rex couple jealous. The Jurassic Park star attended this wedding and really helped make this couple’s photo authentic.

3. The At-At Walkers Attack

The groomsmen seem into it, where as the bridesmaids’ look of terror may be based on how incredibly uncomfortable it is to run in high heels.

4. A Patriotic Party

Nothing says “America” more than this. These groomsmen did about four different theme shoots for their photos. I think this one is the best. What’s even better–the original it was Photoshopped off of included water guns, which you can see in the ‘after’ if you look closely.

5. A Fire-y Photo

You may remember this one. A wildfire in Oregon ruined a wedding party, but it didn’t ruin this epic shot. A shot I don’t recommend to replicate, for safety purposes, obviously—but it is gorgeous nonetheless.

6. The Maids of Dishonor

This is great, the ultimate #NoFilter of wedding photos.

7. Super Groomsmen

I didn’t even know there were that many superheroes?

8. A League of Her Own

Her maid of honor must hate everything.

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