Bridey Heing
Updated Mar 06, 2015 @ 8:17 am
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Ever wonder how animals make it in the wild during insane snowstorms, like the one parts of the country saw yesterday? Well, in the case of Liberty and Freedom, two bald eagles in Hanover, Pennsylvania, they stick it out like two of the most majestic and stoic birds you’ve ever seen. These two eagles sat it out during yesterday’s snow storm for one very important reason: To protect their eggs.

Despite snow piling up around them, the eagles stayed firmly on top of their two eggs. The Bald Eagle Live Stream, which allows viewers to keep an eye on the comings and goings of these two eagles, showed the first bird (it’s not clear if it was Liberty or Freedom) occasionally shaking its head to keep snow from building up around its beak. But even as the snow continued to inch higher and higher, it stayed put.

When time came to swap places, the bird’s mate showed up for a flawless transition.

Seriously, the eggs weren’t exposed to the cold for even a second! That is some incredible teamwork! Eagles are apparently able to stand the extreme cold by warming themselves with food and feather fluffing, but it’s still amazing to see that kind of devotion.

As of this morning, the eggs are still being covered by the eagles and all is well. You can see more pictures of the eagles at various points in the day here, and check out the Bald Eagle Live Stream here.

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