new girl
Credit: 20th Century Television

There are always some serious gems trending on Twitter and #BadSexIn3Words is no exception. With the help of Chris Hardwick’s show @Midnight, the hashtag started trending last night and it’s making us laugh out loud. . . while shaking our heads. Some of these tweets are way too real!

We’ve all had that night where the sex just wasn’t working out for some reason or another and some of these tweets managed to capture the weirdness/general unpleasantness in just a few choice words.

Here are 15 #BadSexIn3Words tweets that had us cracking up:

Others gave a shout out to today, International Women’s Day, in hysterical ways:

Still others were hilarious, but we SERIOUSLY hope they never happen to us:

And, of course, there were some TV and movie references to be had.

May none of these words be uttered next time you tangle up the sheets.