The art of seduction is an ancient practice that is as noble as it is historic. For centuries, humans have courted one another in majestic and creative ways, or so we’ve heard. While love stories have been passed down through generations, they always leave out the inevitable moments when the grand gestures and one-liners accidentally fall flat. But that’s normal! When we’re trying to be romantic, whether it’s with a new person or someone we’ve been with for a while, it doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, it get can get awkward fast. Here are the ten most awkward moments that happen when you’re attempting to be romantic, but it doesn’t quite work.

Your partner thinks you’re trying to be funny. Maybe the flowers, chocolates, and four-minute long serenade was a bit much, because instead of swooning, your partner is doubled-over laughing at your falsetto version of “Tonight You Belong To Me.” Whoops, can we start that again?

You’re nervous, so you mess up your words. You’re so drute. Sorry, you’re so creamy. Wait, no. I mean dreamy and cute. I just like you, okay?

You feel uncomfortable being too cheesy, so you try to find weird ways around saying cliches. Saying “soulmate” or “other half” is a little much, but you want to let them know how much they mean to you. Just tell them they’re your lobster.

You’re too subtle and they don’t even realize what’s happening. You light one candle…on the other side of the room. You turn on music…but just barely. You say “hey, you” and they respond, “hi.” That’s because you’re so nervous to take things too far that you’re doing the opposite, and now they have no idea that you’re trying to set the mood.

Your friend doesn’t get the hint. This is the worst. You’re hanging out in a group, and things start to dwindle. Suddenly it’s you and your crush…and your one friend who has no idea that they’re third-wheeling. How many times can you tell them with your eyes that they’re encroaching on your smooch time?

You do something with them you normally hate, and your friend calls you out on it. Your crush invites you to get sushi, and you eagerly accept, but then your friend chimes in, “Wait, you hate sushi.” How do you explain that?

You accidentally mention something you only know because you back-stalked their Insta. The two of you are having an innocent conversation about your favorite foods, and your crush tells you how much they love Italian food. “Wow,” you say. “You must have been on cloud nine in Venice.” You both stop. Your crush never told you that they vacationed in Venice, and the only reason you know that is from going 58 weeks back in their Instagram feed. Oops.

You hang out at their favorite place hoping you’ll run into them…but they’re not there. You don’t want to get up and leave the coffee shop you just walked into, so you spend twenty minutes pretending to write the next great American novel on a napkin.

You hang out at their favorite place hoping you’ll run into them, and you do! But you forgot to think of a reason why you’d be there. “What brings you here? This coffee shop is all the way across town!” Uhh, shoot, didn’t think this through.

You’re trying so hard to be romantic that you forget to be yourself. Yes, romantic moments are great, but you shouldn’t work so hard for them that you end up acting like something you’re not. No point in getting to know someone by doing things that aren’t you and, probably, aren’t them either. Sometimes, eating pizza and watching YouTube videos is even more romantic, and fun, than a five-course meal at a fancy restaurant where you have to wear heels.

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