Jill Layton
February 27, 2017 1:20 pm

Seeing people we adore so happy and in love is one of our favorite things ever. Perfect example: Modern Family star Ariel Winter is super in love with boyfriend Levi Meaden, and it brings an infinite amount of happiness to our hearts.

Winter and Meaden have been dating since late 2016, and they seem to not be able to get enough of each other — which is exactly how all new relationships should be. (Ah, young love.) The actress is constantly posting pictures of the two of them doing fun things together, because when you’re in love, that’s just what you do.

But her latest Instagram photo has us wanting to know more.

“#mcm only one more week😍❤,” she captioned the cute pic.

So obviously Meaden is her #mcm, but what’s happening in one more week? Have they been separated for some reason? Or are they taking a trip somewhere?

Our nosey minds need to know.

Since we probably won’t know the answer until Winter posts another Instagram pic, we’ll just wait here and look at some of their past pics together and admire their cuteness.

Like this ridiculously adorable picture with a special friend at the Taronga Zoo in Australia she posted last week:

And this one taken on the red carpet at the SAG Awards a few weeks ago:

Another cute shot from the couple’s trip to Australia looking so in love and a little wind-blown:

Meaden clearly makes a pretty solid red carpet date:

Yeah, they’re fun:

And can’t keep their hands off each other:

So anytime Winter wants to fill us in on what’s happening next week, we’re ready to know.