Credit: FOX

Growing up, almost all of us hear the phrase, “Nice guys finish last.” This has created a persistent notion that being nice and/or being a good person will somehow prevent you from “getting the girl”/”sealing the deal”/a whole other assortment of ideas that combine together to create the “sexy bad boy” archetype. But according to a recent study in the British Journal of Psychology, being a good person is actually the sexiest trait a person can have.

About 300 study participants were asked to provide the following information: Their track record of altruistic acts (like giving blood, volunteering, and charity giving) and how many sex partners they have. And what do you know — those who reported doing more tangible good also tended to have more sex partners, suggesting that people are attracted to those who do good.

Of course, the study does have to be taken with a grain of salt; in my experience, people are prone to over-reporting their good deeds. That said, the next time someone implies that somehow, goodness will somehow hold you back from jumping in the sack, you can triumphantly wave science in their face. (And maybe make a point of doing even more good — hey, can’t hurt your dating prospects.)