Trilby Beresford
Updated November 21, 2016
Amy Schumer/Instagram

Among all the amazing celebs who post must-see things on Instagram, Amy Schumer gets us going (either laughing or crying, or both) every time. She just celebrated her one year anniversary with BF Ben Hanisch, but today is actually all about a different kind of love story. One that involves the special bond she has with her dad.

We know that Schumer and her father are close because they frequently give us #fatherdaughtergoals. However…nothing could mentally prepare us for this sweet video! It’s the most heartfelt love letter you could ever imagine, because Gordon Schumer is singing to his daughter.

Awwwwwww. Not gonna lie, we have teary eyes. Happy tears, of course.

Schumer has always been honest about her father’s serious illness (he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis), admitting that she would keep the family laughing during stressful periods. Their close relationship is therefore all the more meaningful, and this video really projects that feeling of love and camaraderie.

If your emotions are flying high right now, give your loved ones a giant squeeze (or text, if they’re not close by)!