Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Mar 29, 2016 @ 2:58 pm
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American Girl talking to boys
Credit: American Girl Library

My approach towards dating hasn’t been very calculated. I’ve had one or two serious relationships that just happened and therefore dating post-college is a much trickier pool in which to wade. When this tweet about an American Girl Library book on how to talk to boys started going viral, however, it all became clear:

What if I went back to the source of womanhood, the American Girl Library? Would the advice for second- and third-graders hold up in the treacherous waters of modern dating?

I quickly ordered a gently used copy of A Smart Girl’s Guide To Boys: Surviving Crushes, Staying True to Yourself, & Other Stuff on Amazon and got to work.

A section of the book is dedicated solely to the “getting to know you” stage, featuring questions and conversation starters.

Credit: Author
Credit: Author

I decided to test out American Girl’s suggested opening lines on everyone’s favorite dating app, Tinder. I couldn’t believe I had finally found the answer for dealing with the worst part of dating: the words that, theoretically, should break the ice and lead to riveting conversations that change the way both he and I think about the world, and also ourselves.


Credit: Author

It turns out that breaking the ice the American Girl way was a little harder than I thought. Several of my matches chose not to respond to my carefully chosen questions.

Credit: Author
Credit: Author
Credit: Author

However, not all hope was lost. There were some guys who decided to play along with the admittedly odd, out of context questions.

Credit: Author
Credit: Author

However, this is Tinder, so it was probably naive of me to expect that I’d be able to ask such crazy questions without getting a little bit of crazy in return.

Credit: Author
Credit: Author

Come to find out, what works for an American Girl reader in elementary school doesn’t quite translate in adulthood. While I wish finding love was as easy as asking about hacky sack, it looks like modern dating requires something a little more substantial.

Or maybe just better Tinder matches.