Meaghan Kirby
November 28, 2016 1:30 pm

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is officially on Netflix (!!!), after what feels like FOREVER. Since we are about to discuss the newest episodes of Gilmore Girls, don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen the reboot yet. I repeat: spoilers ahead!

When we see Rory Gilmore ten years later, her relationship status is a little bit… odd. In the series, she’s dating Paul, who is essentially the Gilmore Girls version of Arrested Development’s Ann. He’s so forgettable that most viewers forget about him until Rory (infrequently) mentions him.

BUT, she’s also having an affair with Logan Huntzberger, who all Gilmore Girls fans remember as Rory’s college boyfriend.

In the revival, not only is Rory in a years-long relationship with Paul, but Logan is engaged to a never-seen French heiress named Odette. The affair shocked viewers who spent years debating which boyfriend is best for Rory.

But what did Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory, think about the affair? She told ET Online,

Now this isn’t Rory’s first experience with adultery, as most fans remember the affair she had with Dean at the end of Season 4. Most fans also found that to be very out of character and had REALLY mixed feelings about it.

Ultimately, I (personally) agree that it was weird to see a mature Rory stringing Paul on while having an affair with Logan, all while knowing that he was engaged. Now that Alexis has weighed in, we’re definitely interested in seeing what Amy Sherman-Palladino has to say about the affair.