Kit Steinkellner
Updated May 10, 2015 5:09 am

We think of banners as celebratory things. “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations!” or “Mr. and Mrs!” However, as Bustle reports, Peyton Fulford’s visual art project “Abandoned Love” completely reinvents the banner and transforms the medium so that it can transmit messages of heartbreak.

Fulford asked her Tumblr followers to send her “phrases from their diary, text messages, and anything else they personally have written in their own words.” She noticed that most of the phrases had to do with love, and she decided to specifically focus on the phrases that dealt with “love and melancholy” because, as she explains on her blog, “I wanted to diverge from the usual happy, celebratory phrases on banners by using sad, more realistic phrases.”

Fulford takes these heartbroken fragments from people’s lives, creates banners out of these messages, and hangs them up around abandoned buildings throughout Columbus Georgia because, as Fulford puts it, “I felt that they were more visually appealing and portrayed the same sort of distress and abandonment as the quotes expressed.”

Fulford also intends for this series to combat that “Everybody else’s life is perfect all the time” feeling we get every time we scroll down our Facebook feeds.

“We, as human beings in the technological age, constantly lose touch of reality and begin to perceive the people around us as perfect, when in reality we all feel deeply and go through similar emotions,” Fulford writes on her blog. “Ultimately, I wanted this project to bring light to the actual feelings that are usually shared privately behind closed doors.”

We’re in love with this painfully honest series, which Fulford documents on her Tumblr AbandonedLove, a gorgeous reminder that, for those of you who are currently going through a rough time, you are not alone.

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