From Our Readers
May 22, 2014 12:23 pm
  1. Bring me soup when I’m sick.
  2. Hold my hand when it’s cold.
  3. Hold my hand even when it’s warm out because you know I have poor circulation.
  4. Hold the umbrella. Especially when it’s extra windy because the inside out umbrella thing is not a good look.
  • Twirl my curls in your fingers, and laugh that raspy laugh when your fingers get stuck.
  • Tell me I’m being ridiculous when I am, but also just listen to me when I need you to.
  • Ask me how my day was. And actually care how it was.
  • Use emojis when you text me. A lot of them. In fact, sometimes don’t even use any words at all. (I won’t be offended when you send me the piece of poop to describe how you’re feeling).
  • Don’t panic and tell me to stop crying when I’m crying. Just let me cry.
  • Don’t get mad if I snot on your shirt while crying. Sorry about that.

  • Explain to me the rules (and point) of football sans the condescending attitude.

  • Find the perfect shape when our bodies find each other in the middle of the night. We’ll fit like puzzle pieces.
  • Speaking of puzzles, don’t get angry when I get really amped to start a 1000 piece puzzle and then get bored within 5 minutes and don’t want to do it anymore.
  • Whatever you do… DO NOT take me bowling. No matter how much I beg you to participate in that activity with me. I will get bored after I aimlessly toss the ball down the lane twice and will want to go home.
  • Love my expressive eyes and flailing hands when I’m telling a story even if I do knock your drink over in the process.
  • Love that I will definitely drool when I sleep.
  • Laugh at my Harry Potter jokes. They’re funny. Trust me.
  • Don’t get mad when I make you wait 30 minutes as I straighten my hair just to throw it up in a top knot the instant I walk out the door.
  • Let me dance down the avenue while you pretend like it’s not funny.
  • Make decisions, whether big or small, when I need you to.
  • Use the One Direction toothpaste I have without rolling your eyes. Fluoride is fluoride, bro.
  • Also, ignore the One Direction calendar hanging over the bed when you’re taking off your clothes.
  • While you’re at it, ignore the bust of Abe Lincoln that watches us as we kiss until we fall asleep.
  • Watch trashy reality TV with me when I need to escape and feel better about my own life. I’ll even let you pick the city where the housewives reign.
  • Know that I hate the taste of coffee even though my body craves the caffeine; fill that sh– up with flavored creamer and sugar, please.
  • Hate that little kid Carl from The Walking Dead with me. I can’t love anyone who finds him acceptable as a human being during the zombie apocalypse.
  • And while we’re talking about zombie apocalypses, please don’t leave me behind.
  • Let me borrow your plaid shirt and actually wear it in public.
  • Let me declare the number 29 as my lucky number just because you do.
  • Please do all these things because know in a heartbeat that I will do them just as passionately for you.
  • Elyse Marrocco is a green apple enthusiast. Pop culture aficionado. Future best friend of Taylor Swift. Elyse can be found on Twitter (@roccosrev) and at