Marie Lodi
March 11, 2016 1:14 pm
YouTube / Paramount Pictures

People with dazzling Type A personalities usually prefer things to be as close to perfection — even during sex. If you’re someone who prefers to plan absolutely everything, you might have the following on your to-do list when you’re getting ready to get busy.

1. You write well-thought-out Amazon reviews for all of your sex toys.

Giphy / The CW

Helloooo, it’s basic human decency to help and inform others!

2. You organize a completely thorough, Spotify playlist from foreplay to orgasm.

Giphy / HBO

Everyone knows music can totally make or kill the mood.

3. You plan what you’re wearing for before and after.

Wifflegif / Paramount Pictures

Of course, that means perfectly matching undergarments.

4. You make a list of the positions you want to do and in what order.


It’s kind of like a sex setlist!

5. You carefully plan the lighting.


Seriously GET that harsh fluorescent light outta here.

6. You remember to put your phone on silent…and ask your partner to do the same.

Giphy / Fox

Electronics-caused coitus interruptus shall not be risked!

7. Actually, you straight up ask them to put the phone away.


“I’ll show you something more interesting than Instagram.”

8. You immediately fix the sheets afterwards.

Wifflegif / Columbia Pictures

A misplaced fitted bedsheet is your worst nightmare.

9. You offer your overnight guest a supply of travel-sized bath products.

Giphy / HBO

“May I offer you some organic peppermint herbal toothpaste?”

10. Your kitchen is fully stocked with post-coitus snacks that will satisfy any kind of diet concern.


“May I offer you some gluten-free, flourless bacon?”

11. If you’re a morning person, you won’t let your special friend sleep in.

Wifflegif / The CW

Excuse me, we ONLY have so many hours in the day!