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Ladies and gentleman: holy cow.

We’ve had some pretty amazing MySpace e-mail-survey-takers over the last few months, but this one takes the cake. HelloGiggles, please meet award-winning actress and New York Times best-selling author Julianne Moore.

With a down-to-earth reputation that precedes her – a definite shoe-in for a Women Working To Do Good article – she’s a four-time Oscar nominee whose work has earned her some serious hardware including a Daytime Emmy, a Primetime Emmy, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe. She has starred in a highly-acclaimed Broadway play, she is a dedicated advocate for women’s reproductive rights and she works closely with charities Save The Children: US Programs, TS Alliance and The Mayors Fund to Advance NYC. To top it off, she has also written the hugely successful children’s book series Freckleface Strawberry.

And now, Julianne has crossed-off one more thing from her to-do list: app developer.

With illustrations by LeUyen Pham, this free app features her series’ 7-year-old heroine – Freckleface Strawberry, a little girl with red hair and freckles – who’s learning to love the skin she’s in. Freckleface is a feisty, fun-loving kid who has previously tackled growing up with freckles, bullies and best friends and now, she’s going head-to-head with monsters in Freckleface Strawberry’s Monster Maker Game.

In this fun app, you can unleash your monster-making creativity alongside Freckleface Strawberry, who will help you design your very own monster-BFF as a photo that you can then blast out to the interwebs. As you can see, me and my monster are still figuring each other out:

In addition, Freckleface Strawberry will now be available as an e-book series available for purchase on the character’s dedicated website, frecklefacestrawberry.com.

Be sure to follow Julianne on Twitter, Facebook and WhoSay. Make your own monster, see her upcoming films and check out the adventures of Freckleface Strawberry (as well as another children’s book she’s writing titled My Mom Is A Foreigner But Not To Me to be released Fall 2013).

And without further ado, direct from the source:

10 … 16! [Remember MySpace?] Questions With… Julianne Moore

Three items that you will always find in my bag:

dental floss, Advil and hair ties.

My favorite guilty-pleasure is…?

It used to be [the app] Bakery Story – but I had to break my addiction because it was really a time suck. Now it is mostly shopping on the internet and then returning stuff.

If I could have lunch with anyone – non-fiction or fantasy – it would be:

Hmm. That is hard. Maybe Laura Ingalls Wilder… to find out if all that stuff was true.

My favorite song lyric is:

“I think I’m gonna be sad, I think it’s today, yeah.”

My favorite children’s book is:

Little Women for me. The one I read to my children obsessively is Tony Kushner/Maurice Sendak’s Brundibar – I find it endlessly inspiring.

I am currently reading:

I just finished Susan Minot’s Folly, now reading Zadie Smith’s NW. On deck, Grace Coddington’s Grace: A Memoir. I really like reading books about women by women.

One thing on my bucket list I haven’t done is:

Direct a film.

My bringing-down-the-house karaoke go-to song is:

I have never sung karaoke in my life. I am too afraid. If I had to sing something in public it would probably be a Christmas carol, like “If You Haven’t Got A Ha’penny Then God Bless You.” I sing that around Christmas to embarrass my children.

The piece of clothing in my closet that I have had forever is:

An Aran sweater my mom brought me from London when I was twelve.

My favorite place to be is:

Montauk, NY

If I were a crayon, the name of my crayon would be:

Ugh – Burnt Sienna.

I am afraid of:

Sports – and balls flying in my face and breaking my fingers. I am afraid of skiing. And I don’t like the feeling of water hitting my head when I try to dive into a pool.

I should be afraid of (but am not):

Well, spiders, I guess… but I never am – I pick them up whether or not I know that they are poisonous. I just put them outside.

My biggest pet peeve is:

Messiness drives me crazy, but I just clean it up.

Languages I can speak other than English:

Nur wenig deutsches. Aber mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht!

In my first school pageant I was a(n):


Featured Image via Julianne Moore, with photo credit to Kenneth Willardt for L’Oreal