The trailer for “Love” Season 2 is here, and the best character is back: Bertie

If you’re not sure what to do with your Valentine’s Day, we have a new option for you: Watch the latest trailer for the latest but not quite greatest LA love story. Season 2 of Love will be coming to Netflix in the very near future, and while we know from previous trailers to expect Mickey and Gus to pick up where we left them last season (making out and treating Mickey’s mental health issues like they’re ~cute n’ quirky~ instead of something she needs to handle), we’re actually kind of happy about the most recent trailer, which confirms that our fav character will be returning.


In a show full of stridently strange people, we really appreciate Bertie for being both suitably weird AND calling everybody around her out on being total almost-monsters. We wish there were more Berties in this show (WE VOLUNTEER) but at the very least we’re grateful for one. false

It looks like season 2 of Love will be bringing us everything we liked — and disliked — from the first season. Lots of relationship drama centered around the things that don’t actually matter, Gus being a legitimately horrible person at every turn, and the live-fast-die-young hipster edge all these finding-yourself shows seem to love right now. Like, did you see Gus snorting cocaine? Because (a) we’re excited to see if Gus actually becomes interesting while coked out and (b) we’re also excited to watch what looks like Gus spiraling out of control.

Anyway, we could all use a little more love on Valentine’s Day, so this trailer is definitely well-timed.

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