Our new favorite lip balm

Crusty, dry lips are among our most annoying/worst/grossest beauty problems. But, while applying lip balm (and drinking lots of water) would seem the most simple and obvious solution, not all lip balms are not created equal.

In the past, we’ve shelled out significant cash for adorable, Instagram-worthy packaging, only to find the product inside gloppy and thick, with a fly-paper-like consistency that did less to moisturize our lips than to catch strands of hair while we talked.  Or we got what we paid for with waxy sticks that seemed better suited to adhering glitter than softening smackers.  You get the idea. Great lip balms = hard to find.

Enter Love + Sage. It’s a beauty company that currently sells one thing: Hand-poured, all-natural, super-emollient lip balms that smell and taste perfect, roll on silky smooth, come in slick little tubes, and are essentially The Best. We especially love the “Beach Rose”  version, which is made from UV-ray-protecting shea butter and vanilla essential oils and leaves behind the prettiest pink tint.

Wear it by itself or over a fave lipstick, bring it with you to the beach or on a date. Keep it handy as we head into wintry temps and lip-cracking winds. We’re guessing this will be your new favorite beauty product. It’s totally ours.Beach Rose Lip Balm, $12