Ellie Goulding and James Corden just proved “Love Me Like You Do” slays in any genre

Do you frequently find yourself humming Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do,” because you’ve had it stuck in your head for almost a year? Great, well prepare to have it stuck in your head extra today, and in a whole variety of styles! Goulding stopped by The Late Late Show with James Cordon and instead of having Ellie simply sing her song with the regular backing track, Corden decided to test out her powerhouse vocals.

How so? First off, any song sounds 110% better when it’s got a Corden duet in it (I always forget he can actually sing!). But now take that same “Love Me Like You Do” duet, and remix it not once, but eight different times. With a nice little costume change for each one — and at one point, some hobby horses — Goulding and Corden completely slay singing it as a rock, hip hop, country, reggae, folk, and gospel song. Major points for the fact that an entire gospel choir comes out at the very end to completely bring the house down.

What seemed like it was going to be a hilarious joke actually kind of proved that “Love Me Like You Do” sounds fantastic in any genre and that Goulding can nail just about any style of singing. We were floored by her awesome sense of humor and her awesome talent.

We do, though, need to talk about Goulding’s country twang. She undoubtedly nails the vocals, but she should not give up her day job as a pop star to become a cowgirl anytime soon. But that’s not a bad thing. We love Ellie as a pop star. Ellie’s living her dream/best life as a pop star. It’s win-win. 

Check out the video below, and decide for yourself which style is the best (but it’s the rave one).

(Image via YouTube.)