Gorgeous illustrations that show what love actually looks like

Love comes in many shapes and forms, colors and spaces, words and gestures. It’s multifaceted, and it’s wonderfully abstract. “Love” means something different for everyone —it’s really hard to pinpoint its definition, or really express what it looks like with words. So, South Korean illustrator Puuung has taken on the challenge of explaining love to her audience without using any language. And we think she’s succeeded.

Every Tuesday and Friday, she posts new drawings from her “Love Is” collection to Grafolio, an online platform for artists. The images are inspired by real moments she and her boyfriend share, and they’re truly magnificent. Beautifully personal memories like spooning in bed and staring at the stars at night are illustrated, showing what “love” means to Puuung. It’s obvious from body language alone that the couple shares so much adoration for one another. Their small gestures, like making breakfast or dinner while the other works, are true signs of companionship and caring.

Take a look at a few here, and feel your heart flutter:

Puuung’s oeuvre is tender and vulnerable like many relationships are, and she answers the age-old question of “what is love?” with honesty and realness.

People from around the world have taken notice of Puuung’s project through posts on popular sites like Buzzfeed and Bored Panda. Her Facebook page already has 108,000 followers, and it’s easy to see why. Fans have left supportive  comments like, “You remind us to see the beauty and love that is right in front of our faces. Thank you,” and “One of the things I love the most about Puuung’s work, is that it reminds us that love doesn’t need fancy cars, mountains of money, or a perfect job. Thank you for being a constant reminder of that, Puuung.” Puuung’s work is not only inspirational, but it serves as a whimsical message: Love can be anything you want it to be.

As her art has accrued more attention, Puuung has decided to start a Kickstarter campaign so she can publish a “Love Is” book —and we think that’s a lovely idea.

All photos via Puuung/Grafolio

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