A Love Letter to My Very Best Friends

I am currently 8,815 miles away from home. That is 8,815 miles away from my family, 8,815 miles away from my adorable dogs and 8,815 miles away from my best friends. I am the only one to blame for this distance though. I was the one who thought “yep, I’m going to pack my bags and move 8815 miles away from everything familiar.” 

If this distance has shown me anything, it is how amazing my best friends are and much we all need a support group behind us. I’m not all alone though, I have my boyfriend over here with me. And while he is amazing and I love him, you just can’t beat that bond shared with your gal pals. Being 8,815 miles away has made me realize what I already knew — I ain’t going to find better. These are the best there are. If you’re like me and need to translate into Destiny’s Child song lyrics to understand the meaning of life, what I’m trying to say is “I’m your girl, you’re my girl, we your girls don’t you know that we love ya”.

This one is for you ladies—you know who you are.

-For all the times you’ve seen my #uglycry and not judged me. I love you.

-For all the times you’ve held my hair back after I’ve had one too many white wines and decided to dance on the bar. I love you.

-For all the hideous Snapchat’s I have sent you, thank you for not sharing the ones you secretly screenshot. I love you.

-For that time I didn’t get accepted to the college course I wanted. You sat with me, consoled me and then went out and bought me a finger puppet to cheer me up, which worked. I love you.

-For every booger that has flown out of or has hung from my nose. Thank you for laughing with me and not at me. I love you.

-For the constant entertainment you provide. Falling over in the mud, peeing your pants when tripping over things and all your funny ways. I love you.

-For when I wanted new glasses and I tricked my mom into thinking I ran over my current ones. You sat in that car and you ran over them with me, no questions asked. I love you.

-For singing and dancing with me to the most embarrassing songs of all time. I love you.

-For representing our dance moves on any and all dance floors, whether I am present or not. I love you.

-For when I am freaking out about getting my hair cut and that I’m going to look fat when the hairdresser is done. You reassure me I’ll be fine. I love you.

-For when I am down and feeling far away. You pick me up, dust me off and lift my spirits. I love you.

-For being my partners in crime, my sisters and the best people I know. I love you always.

As the saying goes “True friendship isn’t being inseparable, it’s being separated, and nothing changes.” Some of these girls I go for years without seeing but I know we will pick up right where we left off when we are reunited. Being 8,815 miles away from them has made my love for them that much stronger. I’m their girl, they’re my girls, I hope they know that I love them.Stephanie Mitchell is a lady of travel currently residing in New York City. She is far too obsessed with television, music, comedy and tattoos. She shares her thoughts at www.insidestephshead.com and on twitter @Hey_Stephy.

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