Why I love Jessica Simpson and need more of her in my life

For years, I’ve been trying to convince my friends that Jessica Simpson is a goddess. She’s a multi-hyphenate with an awesome feminist attitude. For some, Beyoncé is the ultimate performer/feminist/queen of pop, but for me it’s always been Jess. Not only has she defied expectation to become a super serious business woman with a billion dollar empire, she’s handled crazy drama with absolute steel.

From her divorce from Nick Lachey, the constant criticism from the press about her weight gain, and accusations that she’s not the brightest crayon in the box, Jess has always managed to prove her critics wrong, to come out on top and be a voice for women everywhere.  So here are all the reasons I love Jess and need more of her in my life.

She’s weathered lame body criticism with style

Jessica Simpson has heard it all. You may think that Kim K had it bad with the pregnancy criticism but before Kim, Jessica was getting slated for her pregnancy style and the weight she gained whilst with child. Obviously, criticizing a pregnant woman for any of the above is total shady behavior, but Jess always looked flawless and rose above the insults. In her show, The Price of Beauty, she talked about her own issues with body image and how she learned to love herself, and this sort of body positivity is so hard to come by. Jess understands that her struggles are our struggles. She understand women and is totally unapologetic about who she is.

She also dealt with a break-up in the public eye and kept her cool

Break-ups are awful. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like breaking up with someone when you’re in the public eye the way Jess is. Still, she’s never settled for anything less than true love, and her constant belief that true love was out there helps me to believe the same. Despite her divorce drama, she didn’t give up. And I love her for that.

Her movies are actually pretty great

I happen to L-O-V-E her movies. Workplace comedy Employee of the Month is an absolute classic (Jess is total sweetness in it!) and Blonde Ambition is a cute little film about following your dreams (it’s set in New York and Luke Wilson is her love interest – HELLO!). Jess may not be winning any Oscars but her movies are wholesome, hilarious and cute, just like she is.

She’s a badass ladyboss

When it comes to business, Jessica Simpson is more than a role model. She is QUEEN. She’s got business acumen to die for and knows what women want . She really is the every-woman, despite being drop-dead-amaze (just look at her), and has used her style and know-how to create fashion lines and home furnishings that appeal to people all over the world. Plus, the fact that no-one could have predicted that she’d start a business and it’d grow to such meteoric heights is an even bigger bonus. Her savvy is a surprise, and all the sweeter for it.

She puts her family first

There’s nothing Jessica cares about more than family. From super cute Instagrams of Jess with her husband and babies, to paparazzi pictures of her with sister Ashley, Jessica is family values through and through, and that’s why so many people can relate to her.

And did we mention that she might have new music soon?

Finally, we’re going to hear some new music from Jess (her last album was released in 2010). We might have to wait until 2016, but that gives us time to prepare ourselves, get excited, and decide who is making the “Welcome Back J.S.” banner. Jessica recently said that her husband has never really seen her on stage, and neither have her kids. That’s going to be one hell of a tour then, and I am absolutely getting tickets!

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