16 years later and the love interest from “Bring It On” is literally still bae

Bring It On is a great movie. It’s got wacky dialogue. Impressive cheerleading. A morality tale about the dangers of cultural appropriation. But it also has one of the sexiest alt-nerd baes of all the aughts.

Cliff Pantone played by actor Jesse Bradford.



Cliff transfers to the San Diego high school from ~Los Angeles~ and bring the city’s angst and unbridled coolness with him. He also plays the guitar and is into the NY transit system.


But what has this cutie bb even done since Bring It On? Well, a lot actually (The West WingLove) but mostly, he’s continued to be a total hottie.

The movie came out 16 years ago, and yet, Jesse Bradford has not aged a minute.

He even plays the guitar (LIKE HIS CHARACTER) IRL.

V cute.

Is Jesse Bradford actually the real life Cliff Pantone?

Uhhh **drools forever**.

Still kewt.

And in case you’re like, WELL, EVERYONE LOOKS BETTER ON INSTAGRAM, here’s a red carpet for ya.


**Swoons forever while frantically searching Netflix for more Jesse Bradford films**

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