Cuffing Season Is Here! Here’s What’s in Store for Each Zodiac Sign

Expect exes to resurface.

Look out, cuffing season is about to be in full swing. From September to March, people will soon be looking to connect and get cozy with others during the chillier months of the year.

If you’re single, this is a great opportunity to put yourself out there and try to meet new people who will be an integral part of your romantic life. If you are in a relationship or committed to others, then this is a very good time for you to take your partnership to the next level.

Either way, emotions and passions will be heightened, according to these fall love horoscopes, so be ready to give your all to love this season. Expect exes to resurface during the upcoming Mercury and Venus retrograde, which means you need to be sure about what you want to ensure you don’t go back to a situation you’ve outgrown.

Below is your love horoscope for fall. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Spice things up in your sex life. Open your horizons by trying out new positions and techniques to get your blood boiling and your arousal high. Do not hold yourself back when it comes to testing things out. If you don’t try, then you will never know what you like.


Love is very exciting for you over the next few months; it’s time to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Impress the craziness and chaotic lives that your relationship is bringing. Harness that energy in the bedroom to have fun and experiment with the person you’re having a romp with.


It’s time for you to put yourself out there again. Just because a relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean that you should hold yourself back from meeting new people. There is plenty of fish in the sea and you’ll be able to find someone who is more attuned to you.


A torrid and intense love affair will begin over the next few months, which will shake your hurt to the core. Even though the sexual chemistry is there, you both have different expectations about where things are headed. If your heart isn’t in it, then keep it light without the drama.


You are living between two realities. On one hand, you want to commit fully. On the other hand, you like your freedom. This will create a lot of conflict in your interpersonal relationships, as you are not ready to sign your heart away to the person you’ve recently committed to.


Are you thinking of texting a former lover (you know, the one who recently broke your heart) for consensual casual makeup sex? Trust us—there will be nothing lax about this sexual encounter. In fact, you’ll feel like your soul has been seen again—which will lead to a revival of the torrid love affair.


It’s always the right time for you to commit to someone. This cuffing season, you are stepping up your romantic game and giving your all to your one and only. A relationship or situationship may deepen over the next few months, which could lead to wedding bells in the future.


Soften up your tough exterior and let love in without any resistance. Worrying about protecting your tender and sentimental heart may force you to miss out on a great love affair. Don’t run away from romantic opportunities and great people. Do the exact opposite. Let love into your life now.


Commitment isn’t exactly your thing, which is why you’re more apt to vibe with one of your friends with benefits instead of giving your heart away, and going out on dates with a lot of people. A casual romance and hot sex are what you want now from any perspective dating situationship.


As long as you don’t let work get in the way of your dating life, you will be able to attract the partnership that you crave at the moment. Instead of working late hours without a social life, give yourself some time for love and romance during the fall months.


The type of relationship that you were craving is expanding, opening up, and transforming. You don’t want a basic partnership in which you both are monogamous or in the conventional state of being, which is why you’ll opt for new and inventive ways to date and commit.


The desire to connect and partner with another will be strong over the next few months. Before you dive deep into the relationship, make sure that you get to know the person in and out before you commit to ensure that they are the one you want to be with.