It’s the Summer of Love! Here’s What’s in Store for Each Zodiac Sign

It's time to take your relationships seriously.

While the summer solstice is right around the corner, it already feels like summer. However, according to the astrological transits, this time will bring an opportunity to start anew in all matters—especially when it comes to love. The heat is rising outside, so lean into the temperature and intensify your passions by hitting the dating scene hard or committing to an existing relationship.

However, if you want to know precisely how you should approach your romantic relationships this summer, as the resident astrologer for HelloGiggles, I provided the summer love horoscopes below.


This summer is the best time to put yourself back on the dating apps and get your flirt on. You’ll be able to connect with new and exciting people with whom you have the chance to date. Take a risk and leap of faith. Bring fun to your dating life.


It’s not that you’re unwilling to paint the town red with fun, you would just rather cuddle at home with your new Tinder crush/S.O. This won’t leave a lot of time for romantic dinners out, but you can plan for a candlelight sunset feast alone with your one and only.


Instead of focusing on everyone in your life, take some of that energy back and give it to yourself. Don’t let people dictate who you should date or commit to. You have your own mind and voice. Use it wisely when it comes to those you are feeling and loving.


You are feeling confident to speak your mind and from the heart. This will allow you to forge a deep connection with the person you’re crushing on or step up your current relationship. Peel back the layers a little and open up. It’ll be great for you. Don’t be shy!


You’ve been longing for love, and now is the chance to step up your game. This summer is the ideal time for you to put yourself out there. Although the romance department won’t heat up until July 13th, you’ll have plenty of dating practice during the last days of June.


A romantic connection may come from a friend who wants to set you up with an acquaintance of theirs. Allow your friends to play matchmaker this summer. Don’t say “no.” Accept the invitation to meet new people. For all you know, the relationship could blossom into something deep and meaningful.


The beginning of the summer is when your heart will hit a high note. Don’t be sad if things cool down in mid-July. They’ll pick back up at the beginning of August, which means that there is a high chance you could totally be boo’d up by your birthday.


Work matters may hold you back from the dating scene. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t have any chances this summer from merging with a new crush or seeing your partner. You will just have to take the time and put in the effort in meeting new people and dating.


It’s been a while since you’ve met someone who sparks joy in your heart. After Mercury retrograde played games with your affections, you’re looking inwards by practicing self-growth and exploration when looking for romance and love. Welcome to the summer of personal empowerment and new beginnings in your dating life.


The way you connect with others is about to change in a big way. Instead of giving your all and being worried about your crush/S.O., you’ll implement boundaries into your relationship. This will allow you to coexist with them in a healthy way, in which you don’t overthink or obsesses over matters.


Introducing your partner to your family and summertime crush or fling to your friends is going to elevate your situationships to a new level. They’ll relish in sharing stories about your past (some of which will make you blush), but will make you feel like everyone can get along together.


It’s okay to spend the weekends at the beach unwinding with friends. Odds are that’s where you’ll encounter the person who will ignite your heart. Spend time getting to know them before committing. Don’t rush and hurry love. It’ll come to you when you least expect it to show up.